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Renaming bidding systems

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2+ months and finally found the red and blue mascots for my bridge bidding systems.

Oshawott is my girlfriend’s favorite pokémon. She thinks that Litten is my pokémon since my fursona is an orange cat. These two pokémons fit the color stickers from WBF systems policy and also the Red Oni, Blue Oni trope.

By the way, recently I reached 1800+ Elo on Cuebids. I took a screenshot because I not only was proud of it but also thought it cannot last long.

[Chen-Pang He reaching 1801 rated on Cuebids]

Author: Chen-Pang He

I’m Chen-Pang He (何震邦), M.D., Taipei Medical University. I’m a compiler engineer skilled in calculus and linear algebra.