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My bidding systems tested with Cuebids

I tested my bidding systems on Cuebids, a web app for pairs to practice bidding. All three accounts using my bidding systems made it to the top 10 this week. The following is the screenshot of the top 10 list when Bluepill Club just entered the list. My own account and Irene playing only Redpill Polish Club were the top two.

We are still on top 5 as of this writing. We will try to stay on top 10 but not to be top 3 at the same time to keep the environment competitive.

My collection of bidding systems is available on GitHub. It contains aforementioned systems and a defensive system. Redpill Polish Club is almost complete. Bluepill Club is still evolving. The defensive system is still in its infancy.

This collection is free software. You can use it for any purpose, including commercial purposes, at your own risk. I would appreciate it if you could share your experience with me.