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This category is about Rust, a fast and safe programming language.

Rewriting Natsuki in Rust

I’m rewriting Natsuki (3.0) in Rust for several reasons. You can track my progress at this branch.

  1. Hosting: Free hosting tend to assume that node.js projects are websites. They put the app to sleep when idle, which effectively takes down a Discord bot. I’m now self-hosting Natsuki, but I’m not a fan of that. Rewriting in another language solves this issue.
  2. Economy commands: Shuttle provides free hosting even with 500 MB of database. This means we can make stateful features in the future, such as economy and games.
  3. Also please note that I’m considering remove NSFW functions. Discord has been more and more hostile to NSFW features. Making Natsuki SFW can spread her further.